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“Crushed by everything around them, a student has fallen into depravity and self-loathing. They only have a year left before graduation comes. As a failing student with no future, they have resolved themselves to get better. Can you help them find what they have lost?”

Lost One’s Story is a storytelling RPG focusing on the journey of “The Lost One” and their journey to change. It takes inspiration from Vocaloid songs such as Rolling Girl, Lost One’s Weeping, and Self-Inflicted Achromatic. This is the overall theme that I had in mind when coming into designing and writing this game.

To play this game you will need at least 3-6 players, a conducive space, a deck of playing cards, a six-sided die, writing materials, and a digital/physical copy of this game. 

This game is based on “Sol Survivor” from W.H. Arthur and is a Guided by The Sun game. A dungeon master or a game master is not required but a facilitator might be needed to help everyone settle into the game (especially if this is either party’s first game.) All the facilitator needs to do is read the instructions aloud and make sure everyone is on the same page.

The download contains a 24-page PDF and a text-only version that you are able to print and run.

Published 29 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
GenreCard Game, Role Playing
Tagspenandpaper, storytelling
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now
On Sale!
51% Off
$10.00 $4.90 USD or more

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